Sunday, March 21, 2010

Three aspects about me(competent, competitive & cheerful)

What is your chakra?

Chakra is the driving force behind every human being. Often considered as an untapped energy supply.

In order to figure out your chakra it's simple, what makes you get energy to do and what doesn't give you energy. Things that give you energy are more than likely things you like doing, be it playing a sport or socializing. The hype and energy level you on is far more profound then that takes away chakra. Something like tech work can drain your energy or a chore for example. However if you low on energy and you do something that drives your chakra you immediately feel full of energy again.

In order to do well you need to strike an equilibrium on your chakra so that you can have a constant supply.

Why are we afraid of the wrong things?

We have been taught from small already that if you do wrong you will get punished.

In our minds we know this as truth. The good things we do without a care in the world and often we feel we need to be rewarded, but the bad on the other is like karma, we just waiting for it to catch up on us. We are afraid at how good the wrong things feel and how it's so easy to do them. We get a sense that if it feels so good why is it then so wrong.

We will always be afraid of consequences because you never know when they finally catch up with you and that to me is why we afraid of the wrong.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

What you looking at?

You know people often have different perspectives of what life should be about and can all provide theories for our way of living.

Our life is like a masterpiece. We have tools to create a work of art but we very seldom use these tools to our disposal. We are constantly looking at what others see in us and what they looking at. We are so concerned about what other people are looking at. If truth be told we act like we don't care but deep inside we actually live our lives for others.

Living for others is what we humans do, but the question we need to ask ourselves is what you looking at? And how does it affect you.

The fish falling from the sky

The fish falling from the sky is a rare occassion indeed, throught the years there has always been strange coincidences.

With topics ranging from who won the elections to is Caster Semenya a man or a woman. Life has always had its disbelieves and in order to believe we need to see. We are sceptical beings and often confuse fact with fiction. The reason for this is because we grew up with bullshit such as thin is the next best thing or we can all be movie stars and truth be told we eliminate the fact that things beyond our comprehension can be done such as nearly achieving the impossible. All we need is hope!
The same hope we sometimes wish for, the hope that fish can fall from the sky.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Life as your favourite soap star

Ever wondered what it would be like to be your favourite soap star. The cars, the girls, the fancy houses and the drama and lots of it.

The scenes scripted so you know the outcome. You know whose cheating on you, whose trying to kill you and whose trying to buy your company right under your nose. Some of us wonder what its like living another life we never satisfied with what we got. We need drama and twists in our lives we want to live like our soap stars. However we forget that in real life people don't just sit in a coffee shop whole day and talk, but actually get up and go to work.

The thing is that life as a soap star could be wonderful, but there are always a lot of sacrifices involved.

What is the colour of the wind?

What is the colour of the wind, no one knows all that can be said is that the wind blows.

The wind is a fascinating element, no one knows its source. Where it comes is a mystery. All we know is that it blows from one direction to the other. If I were to imagine the colour of the wind, it would probably be transparent. The is a colourless element with no feelings, it does care whose house it blows down or what impact it has on humans. The wind actually reminds us of ourselves, we to don't care about the impact we have on the environment. Although the wind isn't all bad it has its advantages like when it cools you down on a hot summers' day. The wind is a presence that touches you when you feeling lonely. The wind doesn't have a colour but it has a feeling.