Sunday, October 31, 2010

Watch this space!

This space was created as a platform for something greater what that is I don't really know as yet. All I know is that this space should be watched. Many times in life we leave a space open and never really use the time and space properly. So i'm probably going to do the same this time although i've already used this space to try to improve my writing skills.

This space is a space where I will remember my university life and all the joys and aggrevations that went with it.

Why I have conversations

The reason people have conversations is to be heard. We all love sharing our opinion on certain issues and we love to show where we stand regarding them and why we believe that we are right and all the others are wrong. However others can argue that we there are many other reasons such as socializing and interactions and so forth. I believe that conversations are simply platforms to verbalise our thoughts and then to check the responses out!

My big fat dream!

Is to one day own my very own gaming studio. We games are distributed all across the globe. My games should establish and build a cultural phenomenon in society. I want to make games that bring joy to people as well as keeping them constantly entertained. Escapism is the key, forget about the stresses of modern life and be part of my world where you make the rules in the game and you chose how you want to live your life. Although this is only a dream and that's all it will ever be for now!

Conventional is a good fallback position isn't it?

Yes conventional is a good fallback position but at what cost, if it's creativity then forget it. Creativity is the life force of our individuality and if we rely on just being normal then we loose some of who we are in order to just do something with no real effort.

Although many of us choose this route of falling back on convention, it doesn't necessarily mean that it's the right route for development and growth in society. Let me know what you think.

You cannot chase two rabbits at the same time

Of course you can chase two rabbits at the same time however your chances of actually catching them are very slim. The aim is to strategize on what needs to be done first. Don't focus on two things just to realize that the outcome you hoping to achieve will be even harder to get because you overlooked a minor detail. By focusing on one rabbit (goal) the chances of actually achieving it is far greater. So go for the easy route in this case and chase one rabbit!

Nothing is more dangerous than an idea, when you only have one idea.

I don't understand why one idea can be so dangerous. If it's a really good one it can work. Some of the greatest businesses were founded on this one idea principles and although the business evolves and their ideas change always remember that the business started and focused on one idea and so I conclude by disagreeing with the title of this blog and instead agree that one idea is the best place to start.

Have you figured out the second head fake?

In turns of soccer the head fake is a feint used to adjust the footing or position of an opponent. The player pretends to commit in one direction only to change his mind and go the complete opposite way. The second head fake is just a way of learning from your mistake. In soccer terms if the same player should try a head fake again the opposition will be made aware, because at the back of his mind he's expecting it this time. So always be alert in life and look out for those trying to pull a second head fake on you. Get your guard up!

How hard is it to follow instructions

It is extremely hard, because we are constantly looking for an easier and better solution then the one that is given to us. Sure some instructions are simple like keep quiet and sit still. However you do get those instructions where there are ambiguous meanings and innuendos that could make you misunderstand things. The instructions that we are given are guidelines and also vary when it comes to importance. You can choose to follow them and commit your total understanding towards instructions or you could just leave them as ambiguous and not follow them at all. The choice is yours!

15 minutes of fame in the future!

In the future everybody will have 15 minutes of fame, what will yours be? I would love mine to be a scandal, I think that people love to hear scandal stories and seem to give them a lot of air time, more than minutes and more like 15 days of scandal. It would be written something like this. It appears that Keivin has been caught in one of the biggest scandals this far to hit the shores of the West Coast. Married for 7 years to SA most beautiful woman and decided to turn her in for an older model, the 1966 Ms SA and you know the rest. They've been courting for the last 2 years and yesterday he finally broke the news to the media. Looks like Mr K has a thing for older woman.

I can see it now the book deal and all. If I get 15 of fame, I want it for something bad and who are you to judge?

Rock journalism!

Is about the journalists who write negatively about rock artists. The rock journalism concepts centres around misunderstandings with those who understand what their music means and those who just don't bother showing an interest. The critics always regard rock and the music genre as a concept that has an negative impact on society! This however is not true and journalists don't follow their ethical code by writing non factual information. They also write for the wrong target audience, these journalists make negative comments about people who love the rock industry. So to hell with rock journalism and just rock on people.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

My top 200 achievements!

In life we achieve things on a daily basis without realizing it. Although the things we achieve might seem significant to us at the time it's still an achievement. Although I have probably achieved over 200 things, for the sake of the readers I will only mention a few.
The day I was born.
My first steps.
The first word that came out of my mouth.
My first time writing.
The day I played my first console game.
My first time playing soccer.
To better that is the first time I scored a goal.
Having the 2010 world cup in South Africa.
The first time I passed in my schooling career. My first time signing in front of an audience.
Growing my hair is an achievement.
Getting my first job.
Passing my motorbike licence. Passing matric with merit and passing all my tertiary education subjects to obtain a diploma and hopefully my btech to.
These are just some of the achievements I can think of at the moment however some are still waiting to be achieved.

My favourite Cat in the Hat book is Green eggs and ham because

The main source of info comes from wikipedia

I have never really read a Cat in the Hat book properly, however I have came across it sometime in my life, but to long ago to remember anything. Therefore I did research on a particular Cat in The Hat book in order to write this article.

Green Eggs and Ham
There are two main characters: The first is unnamed, the second is named Sam-I-Am, or simply Sam. Throughout the book, Sam tries to encourage the first unnamed character to try green eggs and ham, though he meets with little success. The unnamed character refuses to taste the dish, insisting that he would not like it. Sam then goes through an assortment of locations (house, car, tree, train, box, boat) and dining partners (fox, goat, mouse) trying to persuade the unnamed character to eat.
The conclusion of the tale occurs when the unnamed character, standing in shallow water after a boat sinks, surrounded by various people and beasts, finally gives in and tries the green eggs and ham on the condition that Sam leaves him alone. Upon doing so, he realizes that he does, in fact, like green eggs and ham, and would eat them in all the places and with all the dining partners suggested throughout the book. The story closes with the character thanking Sam-I-am for his persistence.

The Cat in the Hat books genuinely have a witty dialogue and clever rhyme schemes, however this book seems to ring a bell with regards to my memory and sounds like an enjoyable read.

What motivates me?

What motivates me is the end product of anything I do. I always think about what’s the reward and is it really worth all this effort, if not than I don’t do it. In order for anyone to be motivated they either need to be passionate on a particular field or they are receiving something worth having when the work is done. To be motivated is also determined by what your energy levels feel like when performing your task. Motivation drives people to excel and preserve through tough times and if you don’t have motivation about anything then I’m sorry to say this, but your life is a lost course and you still need to be found. Hopefully I motivated you to find some direction in what really interests you and why, if not I’m sorry!

Write a list: the 10 most unexpected consequences of being online

1. Your image and name being used for all the wrong reason.
2. Your silly status update has tremendous power globally.
3. Interaction between you and your target audience is magnified.
4. Your reputation is being constantly monitored.
5. What you say could be misunderstood or taken out of context.
6. The content must be updated daily.
7. You never really know whose telling the truth online.
8. Never think that your friends are the only people who see your messages.
9. Internet and identity fraud.
10.Make sure that google doesn't say anything negative about you.

The Elephant in the room

The elephant in the room, reminds me of the time when controversial issues are present in conversations. They are there just waiting to pop out and make you realize that what you are about to say could have so much more meaning than what you’re thinking. Everybody knows how big an elephant is and often in today’s time controversy sells big.

To me the elephant in the room symbolizes something controversial. It’s there but nobody is willing to actually show their elephant. We are more worried about what people are going to think about us if we are for or against an issue. Sometimes it’s good to point out this elephant and hopefully this animal could help us think critically and provide us with a platform of mutual understanding. So unleash the elephant and tell me what the response was.

Every day is a good day

Every day is a good day, there’s something to be grateful for everyday. Even if it’s something small, it has meaning and value to you. I’m grateful that I can get up in the morning and walk; there are some people who dream that they can do something as simple as walking. I think that by showing that you are grateful for things allows others to appreciate your company and presence. The minute you become ungrateful is the same time that you lose respect for others. Being grateful and respect goes hand in hand and that is why by learning life’s lessons we sure to make every day a good one and hopefully everybody’s life too.

Our greatest strengths are our greatest weaknesses.

A strength could be something that we know we good at or a thing we find easy to excel in. A weakness on the other hand is the total opposite. Be that as it may, once people discover what we good at it's easy to manipulate one other. If we work hard enough we can turn our weaknesses into strengths with a bit of practice. A weakness of yours could be dancing, but through constant practice of dancing routines you are capable of turning that seemingly negative aspect into a positive trait. All you need is the practice and then any weakness can blossom and develop into a strength. So don't give up but aspire to be something greater!

What is death!

DEATH IS NOT SOMETHING WE CAN OVERCOME. IT IS SOMETHING WE LEARN TO LIVE WITH. Death might terminate the existence of the ones we love here on earth but it can never erase their memory. Even after death, our loved ones live on in our memories. The battle that many people have is trying to overcome death. We will never be able to do this. Only Jesus overcame death. The key to living with and accepting death is our understanding and appreciation of life. We need to remember that we do not only live for ourselves. The lives we lead is what leaves a long and lasting impression on others - even after our death. And it is this impression that others will remember and cherish long after we have died. This is why we need to live our lives in such a way that our loved ones are left with a beautiful treasure of memories and, even though they cannot overcome our death, they will have these memories to help them to live with their loss. We might not have control over death but we can control how we live.

Some advice for the upcoming festive SPEND

Everyone is feeling the financial pinch at present with the high cost of living. So even if you have enough money, spend it wisely as things are going to get tougher next year. Tighten your belts and buy only what is really necessary.
Most importantly, pay your bills BEFORE you start doing your Christmas shopping. Buy a SMALL gift to put under the Christmas tree on Christmas Day and do your shopping for BIG items after Christmas when everything goes on sale. Buy and cook only as much food as you CAN eat as many people have so much leftovers that they have to throw them away after Christmas.
And REMEMBER to Tithe and to GIVE generously to those who are less fortunate than yourselves.

Business talks, A wealth Creation Cycle

In Wealth Creation there are five aspects to consider:
Generate income/profit – The businesses’ main aim is to generate a source of income and to maintain a profit. A business cannot survive without a profit. The profit pays for expansion (growth), development, wages, and salaries and provides better conditions for employees. Added value is a major factor in determining profit. Increasing your income is often seen as the way to having more money. (Jeff Cartridge, 2009)
Manage expenses – The manager of the business is in charge of managing expenses and implementing cost cutting initiatives in order to creating larger profit margins. The expenses are things that cost the busy and are usually deducted from the income of the business, if money is left over the business made a profit. However if there’s no money left over it’s referred to as a loss. . Keeping track of where your money goes is an important part of wealth creation. (Jeff Cartridge, 2009)
Maintain and Increase assets – By maintaining and increasing the assets of the company you are creating wealth for the business. The goal of a person looking to create wealth is to increase their assets so they can generate an income off their assets. The starting point is to recognize what is an asset. The true definition of an asset is that it puts money into your pocket. Anything that takes money out of your pocket is considered to be a liability. Many of the things that people consider to be assets are in fact liabilities as they cost them money. Assets can be classified into two categories lifestyle assets and investment assets. The car the house and the boat are all lifestyle assets, while rental property, shares and cash are considered investment assets. (Jeff Cartridge, 2009)
Managing Liabilities – Debt is not good or bad. It is how the debt is used that will determine whether the debt is of benefit to you or detrimental to your financial well being. Liabilities are things that take money out of your pocket, things like rental and other expenditures. (Jeff Cartridge, 2009)
Manage your Risks
Managing risk is about reducing the impact on your financial situation when things do go wrong. Risks fall into two categories, insurable risks and uninsurable risks. Most people have insurance for their house, car and contents, but fewer protect the things that can have a huge impact on your financial well being. Most people’s major asset is their ability to earn income. This can be protected with income protection insurance which will replace an income if you are unable to work for any length of time. Life insurance becomes important if you have children or a partner that depend on you for their lifestyle. Health insurance may be of benefit to you to cover large medical expenses that could occur. (Jeff Cartridge, 2009)
Insurance can be used to minimise the impact of unforeseen events, however there are some things that cannot be insured against. Insurance is not as readily available against your business having a severe downturn or being sued because of a traffic accident. To protect your assets and income in the situation where you are uninsured requires the use of structures to isolate different activities and to hold assets away from creditors. (Jeff Cartridge, 2009)

PR Chapter seven

A Summary of Chapter 7 - Coping with an Uncertain World: The Relationship between Excellence and Complexity Theories

• According to the Excellence Theory:
Public Relations – is one of the key components in helping businesses/organizations to deal with an uncertain world, therefore it is of utmost importance to have “Strategic PR” within your organization.
• The Excellence Theory deals with:
Anticipating issues, identifying key publics, building and maintaining relationships that lessen conflict.
• Complex Adaptive Systems (Complexity Theory)
Deals with multiple individual agents, each agent performs a particular function only that contributes to the final product/objective. Both theories complement each other and are very similar.

Through the study of both Theories I was able to create a formula called the Infinite Theory.

Benefits of interaction with stakeholders

Strategic Stakeholder Plan and the benefits of reaching out to stakeholders. Quality input leads to quality decision making. A broader perspective reduces group think, helps to challenge traditional thinking and sparks creativity in problem solving. Greater stakeholder satisfaction with the final planning product comes from their involvement in shaping it. The chances of successful implementation increase as more stakeholders feel committed to the plan or project’s goals and take ownership of the plans design. Good Governance, transparency and open communication are served when Boards communicate and receive feedback from stakeholders, instead of being guided by personal agendas.

The power of Love is in you

LOVE is the only emotion that is able to turn something negative into something positive and give you the will to carry on living.
Jealousy, envy, hatred and unforgiveness only causes bitterness and strife and many who experience these often wish that they were dead.
Fortunately there are many who, having experienced these unpleasant emotions, have allowed LOVE to come into their hearts and change them. And they have never looked back. LOVE not only changes your heart, it changes your whole life! But it has to be nurtured.

A generous person

I often wondered why it is that some people get born with a silver spoon in their mouths and others just get a raw deal in life. Some people are born with love in their hearts and others are born always looking for love. It was only recently I discovered how much a persons love can change a heart. My mother does voice training with boys from the Ottery Youth Centre. Majority of these boys don’t have families that love and care for them and are also low in self-confidence. The time that my mother spends with these boys has really made a difference in their lives as well as in mine. The boys are so surprised that a stranger really cares and loves each and everyone of them. To me the love that they are getting is the norm in my life and is often taken for granted. Seeing the boys at practise and how much fun they have makes me feel good inside. This is probably the very same feeling that my mother gets every time she practises with them.
It truly is a demonstration that shows that the smallest form of kindness can change a heart without you even realizing the impact that you make on others around you.


We must be very careful what type of friendships we have with others. Even though we might not be aware of it, our friendships mould, shape and affect who we are. People are often judged on the friendships they keep as they so often say “birds of a feather flock together.”
Good friends bring out the good in us and bad friends bring out the bad. Sometimes good friends can influence us to do bad things and sometimes we can influence bad friends to do good things.
So what do you do when friends you truly like continue to do things and act in ways you do not agree with? Instead of making excuses and staying away from them, a true friend would speak to them and let them know how they feel. Should they then have the same, or any regard for your friendship at all, they would at the very least consider changing their ways.
Should they choose not to, the friendship was doomed anyway. It is better for you to be a good influence on others than for you to allow others to be a bad influence on you.

Utilizing Time and the Management of the process.

How can I utilize my time to my advantage? Always be on time. When you have to attend an event make sure that you leave timeously taking into consideration the time needed to travel to your destination. You can never make up for lost time and no amount of rushing or cutting of corners will enable you to do so.
Make sure that you start work on time. Try to arrive at least ten minutes before your starting time as this allows you some time to settle in before you have to start working.
Have you ever noticed how much smoother your day runs if you are early? When you arrive at work late, you start your day at a disadvantage as you are rushed and thrown off balance. And it is at times like this that everything seems to go wrong. When you are on time, you are calm and relaxed and able to cope with the pressures of work. People who are constantly late are always flustered and rushing around trying to make things happen. They scream and shout and bark out orders to other people in an often disrespectful manner leaving a bad taste in the mouths of the people they have to work with. As a result they overlook important things. Plan your day in such a way that you also have time to do nothing. In this way you will not feel as if you are wasting time.

Recession Up and away! Think again.

Economists say that we are coming out of our recession but I really don’t think this is the case. Last month alone I came across so many small businesses, bars and restaurants that have closed down, some of which have been around for many years. And that was only in a small part of the southern suburbs.
It appears as if many people are going to remain unemployed for some time to come and, considering how people are already struggling financially, it is going to take a lot of willpower just to survive from day to day. For those who are fortunate enough not to be feeling the recession as badly as others, spare a thought for the less fortunate when purchasing groceries, and more especially your luxury items.
If you are not really able to assist anyone financially, you can assist them by not buying grocery items that are excessively priced. In this way manufacturers, suppliers and retailers will be forced to reduce their prices to get their stock moving again.
One can even apply this strategy to so many other areas of our lives that require us to part with our hard-earned money. This is the only way that we can try to break the stronghold the business world has on our economy and restore some semblance of normality
In these tough economic times there are many opportunities for people to show their kindness and generosity towards others. If all those who “have” can share just a small portion of their wealth with those who “do not have”, it will go a long way to assist in the eradication of poverty and improving the standard of living in our communities.

Death is Reality! Why not leave preapared

Very few people are able to say that they are not afraid to die because the majority are not truly sure about eternal life. But, whether we are sure or not, we are still going to die. It is often said that talking about death is morbid but what is even more morbid is not knowing what the deceased would have wanted. We all know we are going to die but none of us know when. It would make life so much easier for those who mourn if they at least knew what their loved ones wanted. If people feel uncomfortable about talking to others about what they want, they should at least put it in writing and make sure that someone will know where to find it when they pass away. Death is a reality! Do as much as you can for others while you are alive as there is no guarantee that your wishes will be respected when you die, especially if you have not specified what you want in writing. What we must realize is that, more often than not, the death of a loved one, especially parents, seldom draws families closer even if they have a close bond.

Observing Relations

If you fall in love with someone and they turn out not to be the person you thought they were, don’t prolong your agony by thinking that they will change, again, and become the person you first thought they were. Break away immediately. People only show you who they really are when they are confident that they have you exactly where they want you and they will never again become that person that they pretended to be when you first fell in love. This is how many people, young and old, become trapped in relationships where they live in the hope of the person whom they fell in love with once again becoming the person they pretended to be when they first met. It is not going to happen and, the sooner you face this fact, the more heartache you will save yourself in the long run. Many people spend a lifetime living in hope only to discover that it was never meant to be.

Nurturing the young

If you are wondering why so many of our young people are going astray, then maybe we should start examining ourselves as parents and role-models in this day and age.
It is amazing to hear how many adults do not show their own parents the respect that they are supposed to. Many of us are treating our parents as if they are our children but we expect our children to respect us. Adults who still live in their parents’ house do not even have a proper relationship with them. Some do not even speak to their parents. Do we, who are still children, not realize that we will never receive God’s blessing if we do not honour our parents? It is the only commandment of God that holds a promise. Children who do not honour their parents will never be truly happy! They will continually strive for worldly achievements and approval but they will never find true fulfillment.

Changing a Heart

It is not what people do to us that matters. It is our reaction to what happens that can change a heart.
How often do we feel justified in treating others as badly as they have treated us? But does that make us any better than them? Why do we allow how others treat us to change who we are and how we react? We should instead change others by how we treat them and who we are. It is far more complimentary to have others imitating our good behaviour than for us to imitate their bad.
A smile, a hug, a kind word or a good deed can easily reach deep down into the heart of someone who feels sad, unloved, unappreciated or that no one cares. Never underestimate the power of the smallest gesture of kindness shown towards others.
When we make an effort to make others feel good about themselves, that feeling is returned to us tenfold causing a change within our own hearts and igniting a desire to continue doing more for others. Never stop.
Quite often our efforts to do good are not appreciated but, if we have done it with the right intention, it should not deter us from continuing to do so. If we do things with an ulterior motive we run the risk of changing a heart negatively. Take care!*

Simple Rules


If you are a child, be the type of child you would like to rear when you become a parent.
If you are a parent, be the type of parent you would have liked as a child.
If you are a husband, be the type of husband you would like your daughter to marry.
If you are a wife, be the type of wife you would like your son to marry.
If you are a mother-in-law, be the type of mother-in-law you would have wanted.
If you are a daughter-in-law, be the type of daughter-in-law you would like to have.

Debt talk!

I am amazed at the amount of debt in which people find themselves. Quite honestly, I would probably have a heart attack if I had to be in some people’s shoes.

Having debt is not the problem as such, it is how we manage our debt. Do we really need to have four or five credit cards and an account at almost every clothing store?


Do you really need to buy all the things you buy? Do you need to have the latest fashions or the most up to date cell phone or newest car? Is it really worth the sleepless nights you have trying to figure out how to pay for all of it. Ask yourself how others, who do not have all the luxuries you have in life, manage.

Does your grocery bill really have to come to a couple of thousand rand every month? And at the end of it all you have nothing to show for it except some extra kilograms which affect your health anyway.

Just as with changing your diet, reducing your debt is a slow and tedious process. It is hard work and you will not see the results immediately. The sooner you start, the sooner you will see things changing.

“How do I start?” you might ask. STOP BUYING! Every time you purchase something ask yourself whether you honestly need it. If you could possibly do without it, do not buy it.

Start by assessing your monthly grocery bill. Do you really need to buy things such as chips, biscuits, cooldrinks and other luxuries in bulk? Is it possible that you could reduce the amount that you buy?
Instead of stocking up try buying luxuries on weekends only or when you are expecting guests.

Next take stock of all your accounts. Choose one which you would like to get rid of the most and start paying it off slowly but surely. As soon as you have paid it off cut up the card and start paying off your next account.

I know that this is really hard to start doing but believe me when you have managed to pay off your first account you will be so proud of yourself that you will look forward to paying off your other accounts.

Just imagine having all the money you were spending on your monthly bills available to spend on yourself when all your debt has been paid off. Eventually you will be able to say that your car and the bond on your house has been paid off.

Then you can say good-bye to sleepless nights and hello to a whole new way of living.