Sunday, February 28, 2010

All I really know is that im tired when I wake up. Huh

I often wake up and think geez how the heck is this possible, im tired when I wake up. At this point I reflect on the days gone by and try to unravel what it could be that caused this strange effect.

It first starts with what I did last night. A late with the projects perhaps can easily cause this tired effect. A night clubbing may be, but not that often. It's almost like being in an episode of CSI there's a hundred reasons yet it takes time to figure out. From the night before we move into the afternoon before. Was I at work, did I cut the grass. Was I out with my friends.

It's still to hard to figure out, but the truth is the reason why im tired when I wake up is because I got low-blood pressure and I haven't taken my medz yet.

If I were the boss...

If I were the boss, what a pleasure it would be. The aim is to get the job done with a smile on your face.

The powers mine and we need to make the working environment an inclusive one. All the information about clients and factors affecting them need to be communicated. Communication is one of the key factors to losing business. If I were the boss, employees would go on workshops in order to better understand the communication process and improve our client relations.

The boss should a reflection of what the company stands for. I will embrace the company as an extension of me and employees will be treated as family. We all would like to run companies a certain way, but being the boss is nothing, being the owner is where I want to be.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two men walk out of a building and into a story.

Two men walked out a building and into a story. Ryan Macker and Thomas O'Ryan hit the club after a longtime and enjoyed their night but that was all about to change. The minute they left the building they both felt strange and slowly realized that may be they had too much to drink. There was a mad frenzy going on outside bullets flying all over the place people were fed up with the politicians and decided to take back their own country. The two friends were caught in the crossfire between politicians and rebels.

We got in the car and sped off. We agreed that it's time to make a change and went to the merchants all over our area to take them out of business for good. The first one was a small merchant called Sonny who ran a small but respectable business. I approached his property from the rear entrance and to our surprise no one was there so we trashed the place and left a note, but on our way out Sonny pulled up with a few of his boyz. We entered and we started firing wrecklessly unfortunately their gunshots woke us up and it was all a dream, everything we never left the club building someone spiked our drinks. Thomas woke up after screaming I want the pony mommy.

Just won the lotto, now what?

Life always has ways of surprising you. When you nothing can go wrong, everything falls apart. It is very seldom that the dream or gamble you take in life gets pulled off flawlessly. With every success their are certain consequences, the greater the consequences the more likely a favourable outcome will be expected.

So you just won the lotto and life as you know it is about to change what to do with all money. Counselling is a must, learning to realize that this is a reality and you could if you wanted to do whatever the hell you wanted to, but also bare in mind the consequences. For winning the lotto should be a joyous occassion but could soon turn into a family nightmare because as the saying goes 'the love of money is the root of all evil.'

Sunday, February 14, 2010

The life of a gamer

To enter this realm consciousness must be lost for the inner being to transcend because to dwindle in this realm, is to define a persons true character. The weak eliminated and only the strong survive and the weak start from over only to realise that in this realm the way forward is through practice and more practice. The people on top control the people at the bottom and if you control those at the bottom you control the outcome of this game called life.

Designer pr?

Designer Public relations a way to design a solution of maintaining organisational reputations and relationships. The PR industry has been vital in the design and implementation of strategies relating to advertising and marketing. We create/design, we maintain and build relationships that better suit our organisation. As creative people we always think of innovative ways to market products and services organisations offer. We offer companies solutions on how to prepare for times of trouble by moulding the media to best suit our interests and that of our clients. All in all PR people are like artists predicted possible trends and try to design a favourable outcome.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Is polygamy a feminist issue?

Hell yeah. Polygamy is a feminist issue as many females are treated unequal to their male counterpart. Polygamy has dominated SA headlines over the last past weeks with regards to Jacob Zuma and his love child. Whatever the case may be whenever men get treated different to women it becomes a feminist issue. If men get treated different to women and they dont benefit then women dont complain, but the moment you deprive a women, you in trouble boytjie. So yes its a feminist issue but women remember if we dont benefit it should also be rallied for as feminist. Du preez out...