Sunday, May 23, 2010

A Child's Story

Once upon a time, a good many years ago, there was a traveller, and he set out upon a journey. It was a magic journey, and was to seem very long when he began it, and very short when he got half way through.

He travelled along a rather dark path for some little time, without meeting anything, until at last he came to a beautiful child. So he said to the child, "What do you do here?" And the child said, "I am always at play. Come and play with me!"

They played and played till time stood still but the man on the journey never gave the child freedom of will. He said "child you play without any thought, where are the ones who have lived and taught." The child said "Sir I know of no other way of being all that I do is all that i'm seeing." This child never learned of a life that is serious and always thought that play wouldn't be mischevious. The man said "child I would love to stay and play some more but seriously I need to get back to my family who I adore." The child said "sir there's no problem in that and I ask for forgiveness if you thought me to be a brat." The man forgave the boy without a second thought and that's when the child said "thanks from your Lord."

Crazy Dreams.....

I lay in my bed and think about an adventure, on that has a little bit of everything in it.

A bomb goes off in the middle of the day and it's choas every where i look i just can't get rid of people screaming. I tremble at what could happen next and there are so many things racing through my head it comes out as binary 1000010010110101010. I look around and all I see is bodies, dead bodies I really don't know what happened. This was a shock.

1 hour before, Hey love what's your plans for today, me and the boys are planning to go to the Fan Park and watch the soccer, let me know if you're interested okay, anyways enjoy your day mwahz. So me and the boys were off to enjoy our day, stop at the bottle store and people were all dressed up in their Bafana Bafana supporters gear what a great sense of atmosphere these people bring, I thought to myself. The euphoria was in the air as the opening match between Mexico and South Africa was about to get under way in a few hours time the feel it is here feeling was definately here. So we finally get to Cape Town and we are about to enter the Fan Park but are searched and stopped upon enter as FIFA requires. The game was amazing and everyone had a blast.

We lost reception during the game and then I heard a loud thunderous noise, people screaming and bodies flying all over the place. This was definately a terrorist attack.

Present, I looked for my friends but lost them in the madness, all this confusion nobody knows what had happened all they know is that there's complete choas. As I was making my way to the exit, a second blast went off and that's when I stopped, a piece of metal debris punctured me in the chest. I knew it was all over and then I suddenly woke up. The relief, i'm alive and that was one crazy dream.

Try a cliché

A cliché is a saying, expression, idea, or element of an artistic work which has been overused to the point of losing its original meaning. We use them all the time, some of us do't even know the meaning behind them. Phrases like the early bird gets the worm, good things come to those who wait, mind your manners and it ain't over till the fat lady sings. All these clichés had relevance at sometime and are slowing losing it along the way.

To me a cliché is a concept that should be used when you have writer's block or something of that nature. A cliché is great for sounding intelligent and pretending like you've been round for centuries but try making one up yourself is proably the hardest thing one ever told you to do, I tried it and this is what I came up with. For a Philosopher, a conspiracy is more precious than platinum. As laid back as a student. As vulgar, as a drunk coloured woman. To me some of them are good but just not as catchy as i would of hoped. I've tried my hand of clichés now see if you can come up with a few of your own. Orginality is the key and we all consider ourselves as individuals so it shouldn't be hard for you to come up with your own clichés.

Feelings follow behaviour.

Why do we let feelings get the better of us, feelings are reactive and don't care about the behaviour that follows. The trigger of the feelings are verbal and sometimes non-verbal. What makes things worst are that sometimes our behaviour is so irrational that we wonder if such a thing would of triggered the same behaviour to someone who has a different culture or lifestyle. The trick is to change the cycle and let behaviour follow feelings.

Do something that gives you a good feeling afterwards and don't let anybody stop you from doing this. Often people behave because of their feelings, but very seldom do they do things the otherway around behave to get a certain feeling. If behaving to get a certain feeling was the order of the day then very few people would be fighting and living in constant fear. We would become a society of proactive people, thinking before we leap into the unknown. One of the greatest things that a human could ever achieve is harmony within ones self. By achieving harmony with the soul, you begin to feel happy about yourself and there's nothing that anybody else can do to make you feel different. If we let feelings follow behaviour we lost harmony within ourselves but the otherway around could be the key to saving society.

It is better to practice a little than talk a lot....

Practice makes perfect or so the saying goes,I often ask myself if its better to practice a little than talk a lot. Everyone loves talking be it in public or more privately to their friends. Practice on the other hand many people don't enjoy, it requires a lot of effort and time and can drive people insane.

Why is it better to practice a little?
The answer is simple, by practicing you learn things that are not neccessarily in a text book or mentioned in the guidelines. You gain a form of enlighted knowledge through practice that can help you solve and analyze situations far better than those who have no practice behind their name. Practice often represents hard work and challenges the mind and body. The more you practice the easier things become and the more experienced you are in that field, by being more experienced you are able to talk more sense and provide a more critical opinion to issues of concern. Although practice is hard it still is required and is far more value than just talk because without practice talk has no meaning and if talk has no meaning than why bother listening. That is why it is better to practice a little than to talk a lot.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

It's a poor idea to lie to yourself

It's a poor idea to lie to yourself because you don't gain anything from it. Telling a lie is like fool yourself but more than that is that you fool other people. You build a vicious cycle that you need to keep tabs on, because your story must remain constant and believable at all times.

Some people believe that they would never get caught out with a lie, the truth of the matter is that although you never get caught with the lie other bad things happen around you because of the lie you told. The truth of the matter is that a lie is a quick getaway ticket but at what cost?

A social media, where's the value?

Round 2 begins now fight!
about 8 hours ago via mobile web
Starting summaries tomorrow skim reading. Quick quick I hope.
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@KerryleeCckrell feeling you on that one it is taking long I look like zombie and must still do summaries.
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I'm drowning in this Com Science project, help me pls!!!!
2:51 AM May 19th via web
if i do all of this then i'm the champ no doubt, last minute PR will soon be established.
12:49 AM May 19th via web
Relax take it easy! No doubt, we stress over things we cant change move on and forget about it.
9:34 AM May 18th via mobile web
I can't wait to work for the world cup and earn some rands.
4:49 AM May 18th via mobile web
Got a big day ahead of me but, still going to take it easy no doubt.
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I'm loving life right now it's a constant rush and everything feels like a blur, don't know what to make sense of anymore.
7:34 AM May 17th via web
i just can't start research methodology
7:05 AM May 17th via web
Let the blogging begin!!
3:45 AM May 17th via web
right in the media lab and ready for action! it's so pleasant here wish i could stay here for the duration of my studies.
12:30 AM May 17th via web
Tried to finish all my outstanding blogs however e-learning lab had no internet on 80% of computers, the joys of CPUT
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@AndreaMeyer2010 hey are you in the media lab?
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I think that today is a good day to start all my work and finish all outstanding blogs and marks.
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Stomers you go boyz. Next win waratahs!
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This the losers movie is putting me to sleep, gosh simple plot as well as a pathetic dialogue couldn't ask for more.
2:01 PM May 14th via mobile web
Just got an lcd tv now from my grandma, she has to be the greatest in the world!
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@schilwan yes i am going to see you soon...
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I want you to picture your favourite celebrityand what you like about them, now picture them taking a dump.
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You probably wondering why all my tweets are up, the answer is simple where is the value in what other people say all they do is talk rubbish about the weather or what they up to, the put is why regard social media as a more powerful tool than what it actually is!

Managing like "Masters"

The source material for this blog is based on the management book the Fifth Discipline.

Managers are like “masters” and in order to best lead your flock or organization you will need to understand the mechanics/environment you fall within. Mastery, as we use the word today means the capacity not only to produce results, but also to “master” the principles underlying the way you produce results. If someone can create great work only with constant struggle, we wouldn’t call him or her masterful

In mastery, there is a sense of effortlessness and joyousness. It stems from your ability and willingness to understand and work with the forces around you. Peter, The Fifth Discipline). People who are convinced that a vision or result is important, who can see clearly that they must change their life in order to reach that result. With managers understanding the personal emotions of the employees they are able to make employees produce the best results.

Thus increases in productivity, profit and job satisfaction among other things. Management’s job is to make human strength productive; the steady upgrading of competence in the work force represents a very large increase in the potential of human strength that is always handy in any organization. Yet by and large managements have not taken the initiative in converting this potential. By managers getting more insights on what triggers emotional discontent they are able to deal with internal problems that arise in the organization more effectively.

Monday, May 17, 2010

Cluetrain adding a little humour in your company

The humour referred to in this thesis to me is actually communication. Companies and businesses need to be able to catch peoples attention through their communication, catching attention is a good start for any business and humour is often the best way to get consumers/public to notice you. Like a JESTER in the Kings court, often seen as a fool but in actual fact he was a marvelous mass communicator and entertainer giving the public what they want and in that time it was comic relief or distraction. Communication is the tool each company and business uses in order to communicate and create understanding or at very least a sense of understanding. Like the saying goes many a true words are said in jest. Companies need to be transparent and honest with consumers. The joke is only as good as the teller and the person’s understanding. The communication is also only as good as the medium, the medium is the channel or storyteller in your communication, poor medium = poor communication. Another key point is that the person should have a relation or some understanding of what you are trying to say in order for successful communication. So often business use the wrong medium and then in turn communicate with the people who have the least understanding of their product or service (wrong target audience). Value, businesses create value to their products and provide us with reasons as to why their products and services are valuable in our lives. Humour often has value or a hidden message that someone wanted us to figure out, otherwise why are they communicating in the first place. Sometimes the value to the humour is as simple as to just see how sharp you are in picking up the joke or a life experience you wanted to share with someone.
The businesses or companies characteristics are serious. They have a mission often so complicated not even their consumers understand this. The office environment is tense, with the boss ready to pounce on any unsuspecting employee. The 4 serious P’s Policies, procedures, professionalism and power. These 4 serious P’s are taken so seriously that you need to cover up all you honestly want to say with a well thought out conversation that wouldn’t let people get the wrong impression of you. You can’t tell your boss he/she has no life or that they take their job way to seriously otherwise it’s off with your head. Businesses should move away from this control everything serious nature of doing business and try a relaxed approach in doing business, the business should be able to accept their faults and implement ways to improve them. Understanding with the internet the pen is truly mightier than the sword and if a consumer feels that a company isn’t credible and honest they will make it known to the world. Companies must create a mutual understanding with its consumers in order to develop honest and loyal relationships. Indicate why your company chose this as a mission and vision. Show us all the good that you do as a business and give us a reason to want to do business with you. Message, if many a true words are said in jest than tell us a damn good joke. Companies and business are so secretive in their messages often leading them to misinterpretation. Markets are conversations. They want to know what consumers like, what they do with their time and almost every aspect to of their lives in order to build relations. Don’t take everything so serious as a business, sure a business and business related issue are important, as a business is their to make a profit at the end of the day but that doesn’t mean that you need to stress day in and day out. Evaluate your business, establish your strengths and remember you are human and by getting a sense of humour in your business, you are actually getting a sense of human.

Wedding cake in the middle of the road.

A wedding is all the same, people getting married and inviting you to share in their occassion. I often wonder what it would be like if things changed a bit. Wedding cake in the middle of the road the greatest insult that a wedding could ever have or is it?

It was Jack and Joans' wedding day and everything was set for the wedding of their dreams, there was just one thing missing, the cake. The caterers were stump they delivered the cake on time and couldn't believe where it could of disappeared to they searched the church, the reception area and even the garden where the photo's of the wedding were going to be held. Joan said that the cake meant a lot to her and that it needed to be found. Jack said it's just a cake and thought of the concept of getting married and sharing their lives together is far more important than a cake they will consume in 5 minutes and forget about in the morning. To Jacks' surpise Joan couldn't believe that he said such a mean thing. (Joans Biography) Joan was a girl who grew up from a humble home and lost here mother from an early age, she was 7 when her mother passed away with cancer and fondly remembers her mothers amazing ability to create the best cakes. For this reason a cake to Joan symbolized her mothers presence and that was why this cake was so important to her.

With Jack slightly recalling this story he apologized and joined in the search for the wedding cake. The guest lost it and desperately wanted to find this cake now as it was holding up the ceremony. Jack heard a screech and hurried to see what had happened, there it stood in the middle of the road, but the ruined cake had a message written to Joan. The message said "my daughter I am so proud of the woman you've become and I have always been in your presence as you were growing up, but now it's time for me to move on." Joan cried as she read the message and knew now that Jack was the right man for her. The ceremony was beautiful and they still happily married up until this day and that my friends is the story of the Wedding Cake in the middle of the road.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The sound of one hand clapping

The sound of one hand clapping is a very disturbing thought, because what is this hand clapping against? A cheek or bum either way the sound of this hand should be feared and at most never be heard. Often this action occurs for a reason or as punishment for an action performed. The sound sends a devasting chill down the spine and often this sound is kept a secret.

There was a women who thought she married the perfect man, it turns out he was abusive. She often wondered why and how this could be the guy that she married, where did she go wrong. He use to come home and act all pleasant, but if she did a small thing out of turn you would hear the sound of one hand clapping. She feared the sound and he enjoyed the power that it gave however brief. It was like he had multiple personalities. She knew she didn't deserve this and wondered what she could do to save herself from this marriage and get rid of him. So she came up with the scheme of putting sedatives in his supper so he would be sedated and she could make her grand escape. So she packed her bags ready to leave but, there was one probably he already had supper with the work colleagues and didn't want to eat again. He asked her where she thinks she's going and then smacked her. She broke a vase on the table while she fell to the floor. The vase shattered into pieces, she picked up a piece of broken glass and stabbed him in the neck, her rage controlled her hands and she uttered probably the last words her husband would ever hear again, 'this is the sound of one hand clapping.'