Sunday, April 25, 2010

No, all who wander are lost

When you wander you do feel lost but the strange thing is that you reflect on everything leading up to you being lost. Like how many lefts did she say again or someone said something about changing the venue to class. All the details that were minor become major when you are lost and you wander. Those who wander are lost and are in need for some direction. The nice thing about being lost is that you can always be found. Those who are lost can be saved and it's always good to have a helping hand around to show you the way.

When you lost you are at your most vulnerable moments, you judge and question pass actions. This leads us to growth and development. That's why it's sometimes better to be lost.

How do you step off from a 100-foot long pole?

The question is not how but rather why would you want to step off a 100-foot long pole? The how is easy, you don't step down but rather slide down. The why to the 100-foot pole.

The pole symbolizes your ladder to success, although this ladder is different for everyone because we all regard success as different things. We wonder how to climb this ladder (pole) and make up certain goals and steps that we need to achieve in order to climb this pole of success. Why we climb only we know, there are many reasons. We climb to prove others wrong, to change and forget about our background. But once our journey begins we can't stop it either we make it half way and slide the rest of the way down or we extend our climb with the dream of obtaining success. Either way the journey has a set of obstacles along the way that you need to overcome. Once we on top of this pole why step down I ask? But rather share the way you got up so that others can follow your example.

My 21st speech...

Good evening everyone. First I would like to thank the lord for blessing me with the priviledge of being able to be here this evening 21yrs yoh. Over the past few years I realise that I have a lot to be grateful for: grateful that I have hair that can shake just jokes. Grateful for my parents who care about me and always offer their support and I love them for that. My Mom acted like a CSI of the household with 5ws and h. Dad was more of the playful one and I always have fond memories of the cricket and soccer games we played, but the fondest of them all was chasing me with the leather belt good times.

Fortunately I was blessed with the responsibility of looking after Vandon. What a pleasure and he was blessed with the responsibility of looking after me, what a nightmare. However although im the older brother Vandon always gave me a sense of what it feels like to have an older brother with his serious nature and letting me know where to get off attitude and I thank him for that. Then onto my grandparents grandpa Harry taught me competitiveness how to be a true sportsman and never give up unless you hear the fat lady singing, we started our pool playing days when I was a 6yr old and continue till present. If there was ever a living example of a fairy godmother it would definetly be grandma Penny making dreams and fantasies in my life a reality and I thank her and love her for that grandma always trying to make me happy and putting a smile on my face, but some dreams can't come true, I would of loved to have my grandma Joseline and grandpa George here as well but they moved on to do much greater work. Grandpa George taught me how to be a proper gentleman and grandma Joseline taught me how to trust in God no matter how difficult the situations and I thank both of them for that. The friends, thank you guys for the mad, fun and stress free times. The times of parties and the other stuff we do. I have a high regard for friendship and always tried my utmost to be the best possible friend. Oh yes jill asked a mention in the speech there's a mention. I would like to thank friends and family for making the effort to come this evening and would just like to end off by saying something which was said to me over and over through my life. Its not where you start but its where you finish in life. Enjoy the rest of the evening and kout. Which means Keivin out.

We are what we do.

We are what we do. Have you ever heard of this before? To be honest I haven't, more familar with the saying you are what you eat. We are what we do to me is in correct, many times in life things other people do change or lives in some way.

The recession is a good example. You planned your life perfectly except you never took note of the recession, to you your plan was foolproof and then all of a sudden markets crashed and investors pulled out and you in some major debt. Have you ever wondered how the vagrant became who he/she is? It was purely by accident in some cases. A middle class household who stays in Cape Town, they moved here years ago from Joburg but the rest of their family still resides their. Both his parents die in a car accident and he gets nothing from the estate, unemployed, young and confused. He dwells on the streets trying to make ends meet. If it wasn't for the death of his parents he would of lived a normal life, but dew to circumstances his life changed and he became who he is today.

I don't agree that we are what we do, because many times we are who we are because of somebody else. I feel that we need a full perspective of someone in order to actually say we are what we do.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

The middle lane (life as a biker)

There's one thing i know for sure and this is that those who ride bike are categorized into two groups those who have fallen and those who will. Life as a biker is often so different to those regular car driven folk. The bike is a machine that goes beyond skill and concentration, it is a beast that keeps you aware at all times. Riding a bike is almost like being on a roller coaster, it's a new experience, has its thrills and spills but most of all things could go seriously wrong if you don't know what to look out for especially in the middle lane.

The middle lane is the cross between heaven and hell, it could be a pleasant place at times but all that can change with a car crossing lanes in front of you. When you on the bike it feels like you reach a state of absolute awareness, this state is almost like a spiritual nature. The things you see in front of you are not really the things you are looking at. You see cars on both sides of you, you can choose to proceed with caution or you can hit the red zone and see how long you last. Although bikers are often perceived as grumpy leather jacket wearing people who hang out in bars, one thing is for sure they care about one another and are willing to help each other at all times and this is just one of the reasons i enjoy my life as a biker.