Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is your chakra?

Chakra is the driving force behind every human being. Often considered as an untapped energy supply.

In order to figure out your chakra it's simple, what makes you get energy to do and what doesn't give you energy. Things that give you energy are more than likely things you like doing, be it playing a sport or socializing. The hype and energy level you on is far more profound then that takes away chakra. Something like tech work can drain your energy or a chore for example. However if you low on energy and you do something that drives your chakra you immediately feel full of energy again.

In order to do well you need to strike an equilibrium on your chakra so that you can have a constant supply.


  1. Would have liked more information because this topic is interesting.

  2. Chakra.. Equlibrium.. = Your Best