Sunday, March 7, 2010

What is the colour of the wind?

What is the colour of the wind, no one knows all that can be said is that the wind blows.

The wind is a fascinating element, no one knows its source. Where it comes is a mystery. All we know is that it blows from one direction to the other. If I were to imagine the colour of the wind, it would probably be transparent. The is a colourless element with no feelings, it does care whose house it blows down or what impact it has on humans. The wind actually reminds us of ourselves, we to don't care about the impact we have on the environment. Although the wind isn't all bad it has its advantages like when it cools you down on a hot summers' day. The wind is a presence that touches you when you feeling lonely. The wind doesn't have a colour but it has a feeling.

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  1. You are contradicting yourself.
    Does it have feelings? yes or no?