Saturday, March 13, 2010

What you looking at?

You know people often have different perspectives of what life should be about and can all provide theories for our way of living.

Our life is like a masterpiece. We have tools to create a work of art but we very seldom use these tools to our disposal. We are constantly looking at what others see in us and what they looking at. We are so concerned about what other people are looking at. If truth be told we act like we don't care but deep inside we actually live our lives for others.

Living for others is what we humans do, but the question we need to ask ourselves is what you looking at? And how does it affect you.


  1. I feel people has to stop focusing on how society tells them to live and sit back and try to re-discover their authentic self, their true self then at that moment i think people wont care what others think.

  2. This is true because people always worry about image and living up to other people's expectations.Individuals should live up to
    their own expectations instead.