Sunday, February 28, 2010

All I really know is that im tired when I wake up. Huh

I often wake up and think geez how the heck is this possible, im tired when I wake up. At this point I reflect on the days gone by and try to unravel what it could be that caused this strange effect.

It first starts with what I did last night. A late with the projects perhaps can easily cause this tired effect. A night clubbing may be, but not that often. It's almost like being in an episode of CSI there's a hundred reasons yet it takes time to figure out. From the night before we move into the afternoon before. Was I at work, did I cut the grass. Was I out with my friends.

It's still to hard to figure out, but the truth is the reason why im tired when I wake up is because I got low-blood pressure and I haven't taken my medz yet.


  1. Again, check your work before posting it. Too much tv keivy.

  2. PR caused that strange effect.. life in general, and all the alcohol.. excercise more and eat right to prevent! hahahah.. peace