Sunday, February 21, 2010

Two men walk out of a building and into a story.

Two men walked out a building and into a story. Ryan Macker and Thomas O'Ryan hit the club after a longtime and enjoyed their night but that was all about to change. The minute they left the building they both felt strange and slowly realized that may be they had too much to drink. There was a mad frenzy going on outside bullets flying all over the place people were fed up with the politicians and decided to take back their own country. The two friends were caught in the crossfire between politicians and rebels.

We got in the car and sped off. We agreed that it's time to make a change and went to the merchants all over our area to take them out of business for good. The first one was a small merchant called Sonny who ran a small but respectable business. I approached his property from the rear entrance and to our surprise no one was there so we trashed the place and left a note, but on our way out Sonny pulled up with a few of his boyz. We entered and we started firing wrecklessly unfortunately their gunshots woke us up and it was all a dream, everything we never left the club building someone spiked our drinks. Thomas woke up after screaming I want the pony mommy.

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  1. You started off writing in third person and then jumped to first person. Funny ending.