Monday, February 8, 2010

Is polygamy a feminist issue?

Hell yeah. Polygamy is a feminist issue as many females are treated unequal to their male counterpart. Polygamy has dominated SA headlines over the last past weeks with regards to Jacob Zuma and his love child. Whatever the case may be whenever men get treated different to women it becomes a feminist issue. If men get treated different to women and they dont benefit then women dont complain, but the moment you deprive a women, you in trouble boytjie. So yes its a feminist issue but women remember if we dont benefit it should also be rallied for as feminist. Du preez out...


  1. I agree. Although it doesn't mean that feminism is a definition of women benefiting, getting things right or getting what they want all the time. Other than that i agree with you.

  2. Polygamy is a war that must be conquored. Zuma you are so unfair and you are giving our great country a bad name. When will this madness end!