Sunday, February 21, 2010

Just won the lotto, now what?

Life always has ways of surprising you. When you nothing can go wrong, everything falls apart. It is very seldom that the dream or gamble you take in life gets pulled off flawlessly. With every success their are certain consequences, the greater the consequences the more likely a favourable outcome will be expected.

So you just won the lotto and life as you know it is about to change what to do with all money. Counselling is a must, learning to realize that this is a reality and you could if you wanted to do whatever the hell you wanted to, but also bare in mind the consequences. For winning the lotto should be a joyous occassion but could soon turn into a family nightmare because as the saying goes 'the love of money is the root of all evil.'


  1. In todays world however money is an essential need, without it we can't do anything... I'd love to win the lotto, however that's impossible because I don't play the lotto.. Hopefully I win big in other factors of my life.. Peace and light.. =)