Sunday, April 25, 2010

How do you step off from a 100-foot long pole?

The question is not how but rather why would you want to step off a 100-foot long pole? The how is easy, you don't step down but rather slide down. The why to the 100-foot pole.

The pole symbolizes your ladder to success, although this ladder is different for everyone because we all regard success as different things. We wonder how to climb this ladder (pole) and make up certain goals and steps that we need to achieve in order to climb this pole of success. Why we climb only we know, there are many reasons. We climb to prove others wrong, to change and forget about our background. But once our journey begins we can't stop it either we make it half way and slide the rest of the way down or we extend our climb with the dream of obtaining success. Either way the journey has a set of obstacles along the way that you need to overcome. Once we on top of this pole why step down I ask? But rather share the way you got up so that others can follow your example.

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  1. I like this piece of writing.
    We should talk about how we got to the top instead of how to get down. People aremore interested in the "how to" side of things anyway.