Thursday, April 15, 2010

The middle lane (life as a biker)

There's one thing i know for sure and this is that those who ride bike are categorized into two groups those who have fallen and those who will. Life as a biker is often so different to those regular car driven folk. The bike is a machine that goes beyond skill and concentration, it is a beast that keeps you aware at all times. Riding a bike is almost like being on a roller coaster, it's a new experience, has its thrills and spills but most of all things could go seriously wrong if you don't know what to look out for especially in the middle lane.

The middle lane is the cross between heaven and hell, it could be a pleasant place at times but all that can change with a car crossing lanes in front of you. When you on the bike it feels like you reach a state of absolute awareness, this state is almost like a spiritual nature. The things you see in front of you are not really the things you are looking at. You see cars on both sides of you, you can choose to proceed with caution or you can hit the red zone and see how long you last. Although bikers are often perceived as grumpy leather jacket wearing people who hang out in bars, one thing is for sure they care about one another and are willing to help each other at all times and this is just one of the reasons i enjoy my life as a biker.

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  1. So true it is quite different to driving a car, the experience alone is like a rush going through you. Everyone should try it even if they only do it once.
    well structured.