Sunday, April 25, 2010

No, all who wander are lost

When you wander you do feel lost but the strange thing is that you reflect on everything leading up to you being lost. Like how many lefts did she say again or someone said something about changing the venue to class. All the details that were minor become major when you are lost and you wander. Those who wander are lost and are in need for some direction. The nice thing about being lost is that you can always be found. Those who are lost can be saved and it's always good to have a helping hand around to show you the way.

When you lost you are at your most vulnerable moments, you judge and question pass actions. This leads us to growth and development. That's why it's sometimes better to be lost.


  1. If you wander you will get lost, you won't know where you are going in the first place becuase you are wanderintg.In other words you will be getting lost even though you are already lost.