Sunday, April 25, 2010

We are what we do.

We are what we do. Have you ever heard of this before? To be honest I haven't, more familar with the saying you are what you eat. We are what we do to me is in correct, many times in life things other people do change or lives in some way.

The recession is a good example. You planned your life perfectly except you never took note of the recession, to you your plan was foolproof and then all of a sudden markets crashed and investors pulled out and you in some major debt. Have you ever wondered how the vagrant became who he/she is? It was purely by accident in some cases. A middle class household who stays in Cape Town, they moved here years ago from Joburg but the rest of their family still resides their. Both his parents die in a car accident and he gets nothing from the estate, unemployed, young and confused. He dwells on the streets trying to make ends meet. If it wasn't for the death of his parents he would of lived a normal life, but dew to circumstances his life changed and he became who he is today.

I don't agree that we are what we do, because many times we are who we are because of somebody else. I feel that we need a full perspective of someone in order to actually say we are what we do.

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  1. check spelling.
    we are whatwe do because people see you for how you portray yourself to be. if you act in certain way,people will think of you in a ceratin way because that is how they know you to be and to act.