Sunday, April 25, 2010

My 21st speech...

Good evening everyone. First I would like to thank the lord for blessing me with the priviledge of being able to be here this evening 21yrs yoh. Over the past few years I realise that I have a lot to be grateful for: grateful that I have hair that can shake just jokes. Grateful for my parents who care about me and always offer their support and I love them for that. My Mom acted like a CSI of the household with 5ws and h. Dad was more of the playful one and I always have fond memories of the cricket and soccer games we played, but the fondest of them all was chasing me with the leather belt good times.

Fortunately I was blessed with the responsibility of looking after Vandon. What a pleasure and he was blessed with the responsibility of looking after me, what a nightmare. However although im the older brother Vandon always gave me a sense of what it feels like to have an older brother with his serious nature and letting me know where to get off attitude and I thank him for that. Then onto my grandparents grandpa Harry taught me competitiveness how to be a true sportsman and never give up unless you hear the fat lady singing, we started our pool playing days when I was a 6yr old and continue till present. If there was ever a living example of a fairy godmother it would definetly be grandma Penny making dreams and fantasies in my life a reality and I thank her and love her for that grandma always trying to make me happy and putting a smile on my face, but some dreams can't come true, I would of loved to have my grandma Joseline and grandpa George here as well but they moved on to do much greater work. Grandpa George taught me how to be a proper gentleman and grandma Joseline taught me how to trust in God no matter how difficult the situations and I thank both of them for that. The friends, thank you guys for the mad, fun and stress free times. The times of parties and the other stuff we do. I have a high regard for friendship and always tried my utmost to be the best possible friend. Oh yes jill asked a mention in the speech there's a mention. I would like to thank friends and family for making the effort to come this evening and would just like to end off by saying something which was said to me over and over through my life. Its not where you start but its where you finish in life. Enjoy the rest of the evening and kout. Which means Keivin out.

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