Monday, May 17, 2010

Wedding cake in the middle of the road.

A wedding is all the same, people getting married and inviting you to share in their occassion. I often wonder what it would be like if things changed a bit. Wedding cake in the middle of the road the greatest insult that a wedding could ever have or is it?

It was Jack and Joans' wedding day and everything was set for the wedding of their dreams, there was just one thing missing, the cake. The caterers were stump they delivered the cake on time and couldn't believe where it could of disappeared to they searched the church, the reception area and even the garden where the photo's of the wedding were going to be held. Joan said that the cake meant a lot to her and that it needed to be found. Jack said it's just a cake and thought of the concept of getting married and sharing their lives together is far more important than a cake they will consume in 5 minutes and forget about in the morning. To Jacks' surpise Joan couldn't believe that he said such a mean thing. (Joans Biography) Joan was a girl who grew up from a humble home and lost here mother from an early age, she was 7 when her mother passed away with cancer and fondly remembers her mothers amazing ability to create the best cakes. For this reason a cake to Joan symbolized her mothers presence and that was why this cake was so important to her.

With Jack slightly recalling this story he apologized and joined in the search for the wedding cake. The guest lost it and desperately wanted to find this cake now as it was holding up the ceremony. Jack heard a screech and hurried to see what had happened, there it stood in the middle of the road, but the ruined cake had a message written to Joan. The message said "my daughter I am so proud of the woman you've become and I have always been in your presence as you were growing up, but now it's time for me to move on." Joan cried as she read the message and knew now that Jack was the right man for her. The ceremony was beautiful and they still happily married up until this day and that my friends is the story of the Wedding Cake in the middle of the road.

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