Sunday, May 23, 2010

Feelings follow behaviour.

Why do we let feelings get the better of us, feelings are reactive and don't care about the behaviour that follows. The trigger of the feelings are verbal and sometimes non-verbal. What makes things worst are that sometimes our behaviour is so irrational that we wonder if such a thing would of triggered the same behaviour to someone who has a different culture or lifestyle. The trick is to change the cycle and let behaviour follow feelings.

Do something that gives you a good feeling afterwards and don't let anybody stop you from doing this. Often people behave because of their feelings, but very seldom do they do things the otherway around behave to get a certain feeling. If behaving to get a certain feeling was the order of the day then very few people would be fighting and living in constant fear. We would become a society of proactive people, thinking before we leap into the unknown. One of the greatest things that a human could ever achieve is harmony within ones self. By achieving harmony with the soul, you begin to feel happy about yourself and there's nothing that anybody else can do to make you feel different. If we let feelings follow behaviour we lost harmony within ourselves but the otherway around could be the key to saving society.

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  1. So if a drug addict behaves good for thewhole daythey will get their daily fix of that high when they reward themselves with drugs, just for being good?
    Feelings follow behaviour,it's natural. It is what it is.