Sunday, May 23, 2010

Crazy Dreams.....

I lay in my bed and think about an adventure, on that has a little bit of everything in it.

A bomb goes off in the middle of the day and it's choas every where i look i just can't get rid of people screaming. I tremble at what could happen next and there are so many things racing through my head it comes out as binary 1000010010110101010. I look around and all I see is bodies, dead bodies I really don't know what happened. This was a shock.

1 hour before, Hey love what's your plans for today, me and the boys are planning to go to the Fan Park and watch the soccer, let me know if you're interested okay, anyways enjoy your day mwahz. So me and the boys were off to enjoy our day, stop at the bottle store and people were all dressed up in their Bafana Bafana supporters gear what a great sense of atmosphere these people bring, I thought to myself. The euphoria was in the air as the opening match between Mexico and South Africa was about to get under way in a few hours time the feel it is here feeling was definately here. So we finally get to Cape Town and we are about to enter the Fan Park but are searched and stopped upon enter as FIFA requires. The game was amazing and everyone had a blast.

We lost reception during the game and then I heard a loud thunderous noise, people screaming and bodies flying all over the place. This was definately a terrorist attack.

Present, I looked for my friends but lost them in the madness, all this confusion nobody knows what had happened all they know is that there's complete choas. As I was making my way to the exit, a second blast went off and that's when I stopped, a piece of metal debris punctured me in the chest. I knew it was all over and then I suddenly woke up. The relief, i'm alive and that was one crazy dream.

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  1. wow a crazy dream indeed. You know youcan be more creative than that.Well structured, check your punctuation though.