Thursday, May 20, 2010

Managing like "Masters"

The source material for this blog is based on the management book the Fifth Discipline.

Managers are like “masters” and in order to best lead your flock or organization you will need to understand the mechanics/environment you fall within. Mastery, as we use the word today means the capacity not only to produce results, but also to “master” the principles underlying the way you produce results. If someone can create great work only with constant struggle, we wouldn’t call him or her masterful

In mastery, there is a sense of effortlessness and joyousness. It stems from your ability and willingness to understand and work with the forces around you. Peter, The Fifth Discipline). People who are convinced that a vision or result is important, who can see clearly that they must change their life in order to reach that result. With managers understanding the personal emotions of the employees they are able to make employees produce the best results.

Thus increases in productivity, profit and job satisfaction among other things. Management’s job is to make human strength productive; the steady upgrading of competence in the work force represents a very large increase in the potential of human strength that is always handy in any organization. Yet by and large managements have not taken the initiative in converting this potential. By managers getting more insights on what triggers emotional discontent they are able to deal with internal problems that arise in the organization more effectively.


  1. Awesome CONCEPT!loved your piece on mastery..

  2. This is so true. A lack of this stagnate .