Sunday, October 31, 2010

15 minutes of fame in the future!

In the future everybody will have 15 minutes of fame, what will yours be? I would love mine to be a scandal, I think that people love to hear scandal stories and seem to give them a lot of air time, more than minutes and more like 15 days of scandal. It would be written something like this. It appears that Keivin has been caught in one of the biggest scandals this far to hit the shores of the West Coast. Married for 7 years to SA most beautiful woman and decided to turn her in for an older model, the 1966 Ms SA and you know the rest. They've been courting for the last 2 years and yesterday he finally broke the news to the media. Looks like Mr K has a thing for older woman.

I can see it now the book deal and all. If I get 15 of fame, I want it for something bad and who are you to judge?

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