Saturday, October 30, 2010

Nurturing the young

If you are wondering why so many of our young people are going astray, then maybe we should start examining ourselves as parents and role-models in this day and age.
It is amazing to hear how many adults do not show their own parents the respect that they are supposed to. Many of us are treating our parents as if they are our children but we expect our children to respect us. Adults who still live in their parents’ house do not even have a proper relationship with them. Some do not even speak to their parents. Do we, who are still children, not realize that we will never receive God’s blessing if we do not honour our parents? It is the only commandment of God that holds a promise. Children who do not honour their parents will never be truly happy! They will continually strive for worldly achievements and approval but they will never find true fulfillment.

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