Saturday, October 30, 2010

A generous person

I often wondered why it is that some people get born with a silver spoon in their mouths and others just get a raw deal in life. Some people are born with love in their hearts and others are born always looking for love. It was only recently I discovered how much a persons love can change a heart. My mother does voice training with boys from the Ottery Youth Centre. Majority of these boys don’t have families that love and care for them and are also low in self-confidence. The time that my mother spends with these boys has really made a difference in their lives as well as in mine. The boys are so surprised that a stranger really cares and loves each and everyone of them. To me the love that they are getting is the norm in my life and is often taken for granted. Seeing the boys at practise and how much fun they have makes me feel good inside. This is probably the very same feeling that my mother gets every time she practises with them.
It truly is a demonstration that shows that the smallest form of kindness can change a heart without you even realizing the impact that you make on others around you.

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