Saturday, October 30, 2010

What is death!

DEATH IS NOT SOMETHING WE CAN OVERCOME. IT IS SOMETHING WE LEARN TO LIVE WITH. Death might terminate the existence of the ones we love here on earth but it can never erase their memory. Even after death, our loved ones live on in our memories. The battle that many people have is trying to overcome death. We will never be able to do this. Only Jesus overcame death. The key to living with and accepting death is our understanding and appreciation of life. We need to remember that we do not only live for ourselves. The lives we lead is what leaves a long and lasting impression on others - even after our death. And it is this impression that others will remember and cherish long after we have died. This is why we need to live our lives in such a way that our loved ones are left with a beautiful treasure of memories and, even though they cannot overcome our death, they will have these memories to help them to live with their loss. We might not have control over death but we can control how we live.

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