Saturday, October 30, 2010

Changing a Heart

It is not what people do to us that matters. It is our reaction to what happens that can change a heart.
How often do we feel justified in treating others as badly as they have treated us? But does that make us any better than them? Why do we allow how others treat us to change who we are and how we react? We should instead change others by how we treat them and who we are. It is far more complimentary to have others imitating our good behaviour than for us to imitate their bad.
A smile, a hug, a kind word or a good deed can easily reach deep down into the heart of someone who feels sad, unloved, unappreciated or that no one cares. Never underestimate the power of the smallest gesture of kindness shown towards others.
When we make an effort to make others feel good about themselves, that feeling is returned to us tenfold causing a change within our own hearts and igniting a desire to continue doing more for others. Never stop.
Quite often our efforts to do good are not appreciated but, if we have done it with the right intention, it should not deter us from continuing to do so. If we do things with an ulterior motive we run the risk of changing a heart negatively. Take care!*

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