Saturday, October 30, 2010

My top 200 achievements!

In life we achieve things on a daily basis without realizing it. Although the things we achieve might seem significant to us at the time it's still an achievement. Although I have probably achieved over 200 things, for the sake of the readers I will only mention a few.
The day I was born.
My first steps.
The first word that came out of my mouth.
My first time writing.
The day I played my first console game.
My first time playing soccer.
To better that is the first time I scored a goal.
Having the 2010 world cup in South Africa.
The first time I passed in my schooling career. My first time signing in front of an audience.
Growing my hair is an achievement.
Getting my first job.
Passing my motorbike licence. Passing matric with merit and passing all my tertiary education subjects to obtain a diploma and hopefully my btech to.
These are just some of the achievements I can think of at the moment however some are still waiting to be achieved.

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