Saturday, October 30, 2010

Death is Reality! Why not leave preapared

Very few people are able to say that they are not afraid to die because the majority are not truly sure about eternal life. But, whether we are sure or not, we are still going to die. It is often said that talking about death is morbid but what is even more morbid is not knowing what the deceased would have wanted. We all know we are going to die but none of us know when. It would make life so much easier for those who mourn if they at least knew what their loved ones wanted. If people feel uncomfortable about talking to others about what they want, they should at least put it in writing and make sure that someone will know where to find it when they pass away. Death is a reality! Do as much as you can for others while you are alive as there is no guarantee that your wishes will be respected when you die, especially if you have not specified what you want in writing. What we must realize is that, more often than not, the death of a loved one, especially parents, seldom draws families closer even if they have a close bond.

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